Designed by MMI Outdoor’s Tactical division, the Visual Con­cealment Kit (VCK) combines a proprietary DEPSOC 360 camouflage pattern with a 3D leaf-cut material to create a rapidly deployable 5-by-8-foot individual camouflage netting unlike anything else on the market. Intended for military and law enforcement applications, the VCK has already caught the interest of the U.S. Army and Marine Corps, as both services are fielding the technology with frontline combat units. Already, the VCK has proven successful in several environments.

Battle Blending

The basic idea behind camouflage is the “BLISS” principle: blend in, low silhouette, irregular shape, surface and shine. Soldiers and law enforcement officers are trained to use surrounding vegetation and materials to blend in. So as not to silhouette themselves, they avoid walking along ridgelines or standing upright at the crest of a hill. Instead they keep low to the ground. To break up the recognizable shape of their bodies and the weapons and equipment they carry, they apply paint in strategic patterns. This makes them harder to see and even harder to recognize. Anything that shines or reflects light is typically left behind. If such items must be carried, dark or earth-toned paints are applied to them—the same is done to any exposed areas of skin, like the face and hands. All of these methods seem like basic concepts, but there is a science to concealing oneself, especially from the trained view of an enemy.

Tools like MMI’s VCK make the task simpler through the use of camouflage-printed nylon netting that is treated to eliminate shine and glare. The VCK can be deployed rapidly with little effort—it is quiet, rustle-free and pliable. The netting is manufactured for use in extreme environmental conditions where it will be counted on to shield the user from threats. By combining multiple camouflage techniques and a unique, well-researched pattern, the VCK fully exploits the human eye’s weaknesses.

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Designed by MMI Outdoor’s Tactical division, the Visual Con­cealment Kit (VCK) combines a proprietary…