The Recluse holsters approach pocket carry from a different angle then any other maker with the goals of eliminating printing and providing a efficient and natural draw that leaves the holster in your pocket every time. What makes this approach work so well is the combination of a one sided holster, muzzle pouch and trigger block. To holster place the handgun muzzle into the small pouch and then bring it into the trigger block from the side. When holstered the pistol can only come out by sliding your fingers between the grip and outer leather covering which releases it from the trigger block with a full grip and your trigger finger placed correctly along side the slide. With five different models to choose from you will easily find one that fits your needs for carrying one of the many subcompact semi-automatic handguns currently available; whether your preference is front, back or cargo pocket and even other enclosed locations such as a jacket or purse.

Recluse regularly receives such feedback as this one from a National Guard Captain “I have been carrying my Kahr P380 for several months now in a Recluse Front Pocket Holster while keeping a spare 6-rd magazine in a Single Magazine Pouch made by the same fine manufacturer. Both the holster and the magazine are superbly crafted and are so comfortable I forget I am carrying half the time. They are light yet durable and hold their respective implements very securely. The holster is easy to draw from while preventing the gun from shifting in the front pocket or slipping out of the holster. The trigger block is made of neoprene-like material and provides just enough tension in order to hang on to the pistol and still allow for an easy draw and re-holstering. The magazine pouch has a slim profile and protects the pocket from being worn out. At the same time, its profile obscures the shape of the magazine quite nicely. In conclusion, the Recluse holster/magazine pouch combination is a winner any way you look at it.”


Recluse holsters are handmade in Washington State from high quality U.S steer hides and available in natural tan or black. The Kydex versions of the Recluse holster are made in partnership with Blade-Tech Industries. For full product description please visit their web site at

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The Recluse holsters approach pocket carry from a different angle then any other maker…