Quad Rail handguards and forward optic mounts are available from different manufacturers to accommodate nearly all AK variants, such as this Galil rifle.

Traditionally, military rifles were not designed for easy mounting of accessories or optics by the end user. The AK series of rifles is no exception, and with few variants it was never issued to troops with any way of attaching a scope or other optical sights. This oversight has provided ample opportunity to aftermarket manufacturers to churn out all manner of mounting options for today’s shooter.

AK manufacturers, both former eastern bloc and here in the U.S., have also joined the fray by including a scope rail attachment point on the left side of the receiver. There are several commercial mounts available that will fit this factory provided rail, as well as military surplus mounts. These bases provide a stable mount and the proper distance for fixed eye-relief scopes. However, they do tend to sit very high on the rifle and may be easier to use with a good cheekrest. Several manufacturers also offer mounts that are machined onto a replacement stamped sheet steel receiver cover. But generally these do not offer a particularly stable rest.

UltiMAK’s M1-B low-profile mount replaces the AK’s gas tube entirely and attaches to the barrel for added stability. PAUL MARKEL PHOTO

All of the scope mounts listed here are set up for extended eye relief scopes and red dot sights, since they are most popular for tactical users, and provide a good low-profile sight picture. Another nice feature is that none of the mounts listed here needed to be removed in order to field strip or clean the rifle, plus they all include a lifetime warranty and are all made in the U.S.A.

The UltiMAK mount can accept a variety of devices, such as this Vortex Optics StrikeFire Red/Green Dot scope.

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Quad Rail handguards and forward optic mounts are available from different manufacturers to accommodate…