remington.gifWhile the .223 caliber has become the most popular long-arm chambering for general-purpose law enforcement use in the US, due to image issues and political constraints, the most common platform for it, the semi-auto AR-15, may not be approved for carry in all jurisdictions. The semi-auto offers certain advantages across the board in rapidity of fire and high-magazine capacity if needed, but if your local environment (city government, chief, populace, etc.) finds the militaristic appearance unacceptable, there are viable alternatives that retain the accuracy and low recoil of the .223 in equally lightweight packages. One is the Remington 7615 Police.

Gun Details
Based on the company’s classic 870 pump-action shotgun design, the 7615 Police is built on a 20 gauge frame with a modified bolt lock-up, polymer magazine well, two iron sight options and three synthetic furniture choices.

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