Eligibility: Registrant must be (one of the following): A sworn law enforcement officer, or A civilian employed by a bonifide law enforcement agency, or An active duty or active duty reservist member of the United States armed forces.

Additionally, he/she must have successfully passed a recognized law enforcement firearm instructor course, is currently certified to teach law enforcement firearm training, and whose position requires them to perform armorer related work within their organization.

Entry Deadline: July 29, 2011

Prerequisites: None.

Instructors: Dewayne Mounce, Field Armorer Instructor Remington Training Staff

Curriculum: The Remington Armorer Training Course is designed for the professional law enforcement or military armorer, firearm instructor and techincal service personnel. This course provides complete and detailed answers to specific questions concerning the firearms mechanical functioning, operational procedure, stripping, inspection, trouble shooting and maintenance.

The course will specifically cover Initial Inspection, Safety Concerns, Checks & Troubleshooting, Repair Procedures & Adjustments, Older Style & Newer Style parts, Service Checks, Maintenance of this Shotgun & Cleaning Procedures, as well as Barrel Stampings & Serial Number Structure. A “Hands-On” Disassembly & Re-assembly of the students’ Model 870 shotguns and a practical exam will conclude the training on Friday. Students will receive a 3-year Remington Factory Armorer Certification upon successful completion of this class.

Equipment Needed: Eye protection and note taking materials. Students will be required to supply their own Remington 870 shotguns for this class!

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Eligibility: Registrant must be (one of the following): A sworn law enforcement officer, or…