The combination of the Remington Model 700 Target Tactical, Leupold Mark 4 6.5-20x50mm LR/T M1 riflescope and Barrett BORS makes for a highly capable weapon system designed for not only today’s but also tomorrow’s tactical situations. If a sling is employed, it is advisable to use the forward sling swivel stud for a bipod as opposed to this configuration.

When it comes to precision tactical firearms and equipment, even the most minute of details gain significance as range envelopes are pushed farther and farther out. Whereas a rifle capable of 1-MOA accuracy is a potentially fine tool for applications at distances measured in hundreds of yards, pushing beyond that can magnify relative inadequacies.

Achieving good results at these seemingly ever-increasing range requirements, more precisely made firearms, optics and ammunition are required — and this is exactly what has developed over the years. Taking advantage of modern manufacturing techniques and capabilities, manufacturers have developed potent offerings that have striven to meet these demands.

However, every point has a counter-point. As the capabilities of these products have advanced, so have the expectations of those who employ them. As a result, conventional thinking on practical ranges for precision rifles has been pushed farther out to once seemingly impossible distances. However, to push them even further, some different thinking in both firearm and optical equipment design is required.

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When it comes to mass-producing extremely capable long-range precision rifles, few are as knowledgeable as Remington. Specifically, the company has built a reputation in this arena through its Model 700-based M24 SWS (Sniper Weapon System) .308 bolt-action rifle it has been producing for the US Army in one form or another for the past two decades.

The heart of the M24 SWS is its barrel, which features the company’s unique 5-R rifling that features five radial land grooves designed to provide less friction between the lands and the bullet. This provides more consistent accuracy and greatly prolonged barrel life. In fact, the US Army has samples that have reached 14,000 rounds before showing appreciable wear.

Remington has been working hard on not only keeping the M24 SWS up to date with current needs, but also on updating and adapting its flagship Model 700 line to meet both today’s and tomorrow’s demands.

One of its more recent offerings, the .308 Model 700 Target Tactical, combines refinements that Remington has developed over the years into a single, highly capable precision rifle package. In fact, the Target Tactical borrows elements from some of Remington’s strongest performers—namely the highly popular and aesthetically unique VTR series of rifles, as well as the M24 SWS.

barrett-borsThe Barrett BORS is a ballistic computer system designed to help snipers to place first round hits on target. It is shown equipped on a Nightforce scope.

As with the M24 SWS, the heart of the new Target Tactical is its barrel. And, not surprisingly, the two rifles share something in common. As with the M24 SWS, the Target Tactical’s 26-inch carbon steel barrel features 5-R rifling with a 1-in-11.25-inch right-hand twist, providing the rifle the ability to provide extremely good shooting results.

Although both rifle’s barrels are the same internally, externally they are quite different. Taking cues from the VTR series of the rifles, the Target Tactical’s barrel contour features a triangular-shaped exterior rather than the full bull barrel contour of the M24 SWS. The result is a lighter barrel that still provides more rigidity than a barrel of comparable weight. In addition, the muzzle of the Target Tactical’s barrel features a 0.25 of an inch counterbore to help protect the crown.

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