The Versa Max Tactical features a loading port on the underside of the receiver, allowing access to the tubular magazine.

In July, I traveled to Remington’s research and development facility in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, to tour the facility and try out the new Versa Max Tactical shotgun. I had heard reports about the Versa Max, but I hadn’t handled one until a few weeks ago. When the daylong event was over, my assessment was that its new scattergun has the potential to overtake the competition tactical shotgun market. In addition, the Versa Max Tactical promises to be a top-of-the-line law enforcement weapon.

The Versa Max Tactical from Remington, shown equipped with an EOTech HWS optic, is designed to fire a wide range of shotshell loadings without a hitch.

A handful of gun writers toured the facility and met Scott Franz, the director of research and technology, and Michael Keeney, the director of firearms development for Big Green. At one point, we watched the obligatory PowerPoint presentation that would make any engineer giddy with excitement. But I’m not an engineer.

A large bolt handle and magazine release button make putting the gun in battery a snap with heavy gloves.

Gun Details
When they brought out the tactical version of the Versa Max and passed it around, and then showed us a disassembled Versa Max, they had the full attention of this hands-on guy. As soon as the gun was broken down, I recognized that it shared some significant design elements with the Benelli M4—but on steroids. The engineers stressed that the design is capable of firing shells from the most powerful 3½-inch loads to the lightest 2¾-inch loads. I was quick to ask Franz about this regarding the Versa Max. “From a technical standpoint, we look at what our competitors do. The innovation is the gas system, and it’s 100 percent American-made,” Franz said with a grin.

The Versa Max shotgun is designed to fire a wide range of shells, from 2 3/4″ to 3” to 3 1/2″ lengths, interchangeably and without malfunctions.

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The Versa Max Tactical features a loading port on the underside of the receiver,…