Congressman-elect Allen West, a retired Army lieutenant colonel, tells Newsmax it’s “crazy” to squabble over the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy regarding gay soldiers when the focus should be on winning the war in Afghanistan.

West, an African-American, also vows to challenge the Congressional Black Caucus’ “liberal social welfare perspective,” and criticizes censured Rep. Charles Rangel and the “ruling-class elite.”

A decorated veteran of more than 20 years in the Army, West served in Iraq and was a civilian adviser in Afghanistan. He holds two master’s degrees. In November, tea party favorite West unseated Democrat Ron Klein in Florida’s 22nd District, becoming the first black congressman from Florida since the 1870s.

Asked during an exclusive Newsmax.TV interview for his point of view on the controversial don’t ask, don’t tell policy regarding gays in the military, the former Army officer responds: “The mission of the United States military is not to accommodate behavior, and definitely not to accommodate sexual behavior. But right now, what is most important for us to be talking about?

“In this past week, we had the Taliban infiltrate a gentlemen into the Afghan security forces who shot six American soldiers. Killed them. What we should be talking about are rules of engagement and the strategic objectives that will lead to our victory and our success against this enemy.

“Instead, we are worrying about who is sleeping with who in the military. That’s crazy. So I think right now don’t ask, don’t tell is not the thing the American people expect the House and the Senate and the senior military leadership to be talking about. What they want to know is how do we protect our sons and daughters on the battlefield, how do we make sure that we are promoting victory, and how do we make sure that we take this fight to the enemy and not allow them to bring the fight to us.

Source: Jim Meyers and Kathleen Walter for Newsmax.

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