Faced with ever-tightening budgets, an LE officer can replace the barrel on his tactical rifle to give it a new lease on life. Jeff Rose photo

The AR-15 in its many iterations is hands down the dominant platform in the LEO community. But, with ever-tightening budgets around the country, these ARs are being forced to stay on duty for longer times before being replaced with newer models.

So what is an officer to do with a shot-out AR that is still his primary patrol rifle? Rebarrel it. It is not only inexpensive, it’s an easy DIY job. It’s also a good time to upgrade other parts of the rifle, like the muzzle brake/flash hider, gas block or forend.

For my parts, I went to Brownells for everything. Another good choice is Bravo Company USA.

Installing a Barrel

Parts Needed:
• Barrel • Barrel Nut

Tools Needed:
• DPMS Multi-Tool or other barrel wrench
• Brownells Upper Receiver Action Block with Insert
• ½ inch drive Torque Wrench • Bench-mounted vise

The first step is to remove the old barrel. Separate the upper and lower by removing the two pins holding them together. Set the lower aside and remove the bolt assembly and charging handle from the upper.

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