What makes an entry tool handy is actually having one on hand. Compact tools that carry easily are more likely to be on the
scene to help make all the difference.

The term “Rescue/Entry” tool implies a device that is potentially capable of aiding in the rescue of innocent persons who are trapped, or entry into a location for the purpose of extricating a criminal offender that doesn’t really want to be extricated. This is accomplished by forcing open entry points that won’t open by conventional means, and the need for forced entry is almost always urgent. To meet these needs there are many tools and designs available, but compact tools that are already on hand obviously have a better chance of making it to the location.

Hawk Hook
on-the-job-tool-bThe Mini Brake-N-Rake turns any window into a doorway and grants immediate access to the operator’s objective.

The BlackHawk Hawk Hook rescue knife is a micro multi-function emergency liner-lock folding tool. It can perform a number of functions, yet can be carried in a trouser pocket for day-to-day and duty carry. Its overall length opened is 5.5 inches, while the tip of the 2.25-inch “blade” (constructed of AUS-8A stainless steel) is a wide pry/flat screwdriver that can be used for some prying chores. Meanwhile, the tempered glass-breaking protrusion will shatter car glass windows. Continuing on down the blade there is a recessed cutting edge for safely cutting away seatbelts or rope, as well as an inch-long serrated edge for general cutting. At the bottom on the inside of the blade is a wire-stripper, and on the opposite side is a bottle opener. Grip panels are also stainless steel with the inside handle portion covered with textured nylon to provide a non-slip grip, while the opposite plain stainless side has the mandatory pocket clip. At a retail price of $39.95, this is an outstanding value and the Hawk Hook will likely see much more use on and off-duty than a standard folder.

MAK-1 & Extrik-8-R

The McGowan MAK-1 and Extrik-8-R from Columbia River Knife & Tool are a rescue tool combination set designed by a Canadian firefighter, James McGowan. I first tested these tools in their original bright stainless finish, also available in black, in 2007, and the system was so good that we decided to designate it as our official knife for the 727 Counter Terror Training Unit at Columbus State Community College. The MAK-1 (Multiple Access Knife) is 10 inches in overall length, a fixed blade knife with G10 grip scales, a 3-inch length cutting edge and a chisel type pry bar tip instead of a spear type point designed for prying open doors and windows. With a thickness of 0.20 of an inch and construction of 3Cr13 stainless steel, it is certainly up to that task. Other features include a carbide window breaker tip on the handle end, combined with a cutout wrench designed to remove car battery cables during vehicle rescue ops and extrications. Speaking of extrications, the sheath also holds the separate Extrik-8-R — a lightweight black-finished seat belt cutter and multi-tool. It has finger holes and grip grooves, and a rectangular relief sized to be an oxygen bottle wrench, plus a simple blade screwdriver tip on one end and Phillips screwdriver tip to the other end. Price of the combo set is $119.99, and it should stand up to some reasonable prying chores when the bigger tools aren’t available on your vest or gunbelt.

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What makes an entry tool handy is actually having one on hand. Compact tools…