The VEX-SS, also known as the “Varmint Exterminator,” provides the long-distance precision varmint hunters and target shooters crave. It remains at heart an AR rifle, with all of the design’s inherent accuracy.

This semi-automatic, direct-impingement rifle is chambered for the 5.56mm NATO/.223 Remington and features many accuracy-enhancing upgrades specifically geared towards a low prone or benchrest shooting position.


The VEX-SS’ upper and lower receivers are manufactured from forged 7075-T6 aluminum and feature a well-applied hardcoat black anodized finish. No sights are included with the rifle, but the upper receiver has a flattop design, and two DoubleStar micro risers are included. These risers feature three slots of Picatinny rail that elevate the scope by 0.5 inches. Made from aluminum and hardcoat anodized to the match the VEX-SS’ finish, the risers can be easily adjusted or removed with an Allen wrench. Given the AR’s design, scope use normally requires higher rings than those one would use on a bolt-action rifle. With the included risers, you can use your old low-rise rings on this rifle—a nice extra touch intended to increase the Varmint Exterminator’s versatility.

Indeed, this rifle is designed to be used with magnification, and there is also no front sight to get in the way of optics. Instead, there is a small length of Picatinny rail on top of the gas block should the user desire to install backup iron sights. The gas system is standard for a full-sized rifle and sits atop the distinctive, precision-manufactured, 20-inch, 416R stainless steel barrel. This barrel, with its heavy contour, has a matte finish and features lightening cuts along its entire length, including under the handguard.

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