The Batlskin™ Cobra Helmet as well as components of the Batlskin Modular Head Protection system is an ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene shell. Part of a 7-year contract, the company is set to deliver an initial 4,335 Batlskin Cobra helmet systems including a high-performance liner, ergonomic Retention System and multipurpose Front Mount. The 4,335 complete systems are to be delivered to the Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization (DALO), which will have the option to purchase additional Batlskin helmet-mounted components including the Batlskin Visor and Mandible Guard.

Revision was awarded the Danish contract for a lighter-weight, blunt force, blast and ballistic higher protection level helmet after being down-selected to one of only several competitors able to fulfill this requirement. Testing of the Batlskin system was conducted at the Danish army test center with involvement from Army and Air Force military branches. Revision ultimately won the bid with high technical compliance scores, favorable end-user trials which were weighted at 60% of the evaluation and good price/value for this state-of-the-art head protection system.

“Revision is proud to have been awarded this contract to supply the Danish Military with our lightweight, high-performance polyethylene helmets and satellite Batlskin components—proof that we are advancing in our mission to meet the needs of the modern-day soldier fighting on today’s battlefield,” said Jonathan Blanshay, CEO of Revision. “Our readiness to supply next-generation helmets that meet both current and future operational environments is the culmination of many years of research and development of new materials, a strong design focus on protection systems that not only integrate seamlessly but can be customized for various military customers, and innovative manufacturing processes. The ability to produce both highly-specialized, polyethylene composite helmet shells at Revision’s Composite Center of Excellence as well as more traditional aramid helmets at our Newport facility enables us to quickly iterate helmet solutions to meet our global customers’ program requirements.”

Danish troops will be recipients of the Batlskin Cobra polyethylene helmet which uses advanced shell technology to achieve increased ballistic performance as well as blunt force and blast protection at a weight that is approximately 20% lighter than current aramid shells. Troops will also receive Revision’s retention system, high-performance liner, multi-purpose front mount, fitted helmet cover, and front rails for accessory attachment. Options for the Batlskin three-position Visor and high-threat Mandible Guard are also included in the contract award.


Source: Revision Military

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