Revision Eyewear’s new Sawfly-TX Tactical Eyewear System is a next generation ballistic spectacle that provides superior communications and headset compatibility, with custom lens shapes for enhanced mission performance.

The Sawfly-TX Eyewear System’s weightless frame provides second-to-none comfort, while ultra-thin arms ensure comfortable compatibility with ear-pro and communications headsets. The Sawfly-TX frame, developed with input from a variety of U.S. Military Special Operations Forces, is specifically engineered to maintain the seal between the wearer’s headset and ear, resulting in minimal noise leakage and uncompromised hearing protection. Its adjustable arms and low-profile design offer full compatibility with helmets, weapon sights and NVGs.

Purpose-built to enhance performance, the Sawfly-TX Tactical Eyewear System offers two custom lens solutions. The Sawfly-TXP is designed for high activity missions where big airflow provides superior fog protection; while the Sawfly-TXM is designed for high threat environments where maximum lateral lens coverage gives added protection. True to the entire Sawfly Eyewear line, the Sawfly-TX Tactical Eyewear System exceeds military specifications for ballistic protection (MIL-PRF-31013 clause; MIL-DTL-43511D clause 3.5.10; and EN 166, 170 and 172). The system provides flawless optics, interchangeable lenses and is prescription (Rx) ready. The two-lens Essential Kit (Sawfly-TXP or Sawfly-TXM) retails for $99.99.

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