Altus Brands’ newest entry is the slim, light weight Rifleman ACH series that offers a high NRR of 21 and a crisp, natural sound quality. The Rifleman ACH is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Each unit weighs a feather light 8.3 ounces, features a slim, adjustable headband that is easily worn with combat helmets as well as caps and other headgear. The compact unit folds into itself for easy carry and storage. Each cup is also fitted with Receiver/Input capabilities for: AM/FM Radio, CD or MP3 Player, many FRS radios or electronic communication/entertainment devices using a 3.5 mm ‘mini jack’. Each cup has its own electronics and accepts two standard AAA batteries.

Altus Brands Company spokesman Charles Ricci announced: “The Rifleman Series is a rugged line of electronic hearing protection/amplification muffs. They are comfortable to wear even for long periods of time to amplify low sounds and protect the user against loud noises such as machinery and firearms. This series is made with the firearms shooting/tactical professional in mind but is perfect for use under most high noise environments.”

Altus Brands, LLC also owns Pro Ears Electronic Hearing Protection/Amplification products, BenchMaster Rifle Rests, Crossfire Slings, Cass Creek Calls, Bughats, American Bison Leather and Woodland Whisper.

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Altus Brands' newest entry is the slim, light weight Rifleman ACH series that offers a…