Bergara’s HMR Pro bolt gun is now shipping to dealers.

Part of the company’s Premier Series, the HMR Pro is basically an upgraded version of the B14-series HMR. Both models have the same injection molded, internal aluminum chassis stock. But, as the press release notes, that’s where the similarities end.

The HMR Pro boasts Bergara’s proprietary stainless steel Premier Action, which features a non-rotating gas shield; cone-shaped bolt nose; and sliding plate extractor. The action incorporates a floating bolt head design, as well as a quick-detach firing pin access. This enables the shooter the pull the firing pin with only a quarter turn. The one-piece bolt body is stainless steel and has a pad at the rear to accept the threaded-in bolt handle, Bergara says. The bolt head, the non-rotating gas shield, the bolt handle, and bolt shroud are fully nitrided.

Bergara’s action is matched with a 416 stainless steel barrel measuring 20, 24 or 26 inches. Both the action and the barrel are Cerakoted. In addition, the rifle accepts Remington 700-compatible bases using 8×40 screws. Also included is a TriggerTech trigger, which features the company’s patented Frictionless Release Technology.

The rifle is chambered in .22-250 Rem; .223 Rem; .308 Win; 6.5 Creedmoor; and 6mm Creedmoor.

Meanwhile, the HMR Pro stock—which fully floats the barrel—features an adjustable length of pull and cheek/comb height adjustment. It also offers up QD flush cup mounts on both sides, in addition standard sling swivels. Two swivels are in front and one is in the rear. With a three-inch spread between the front swivels, they can be replaced with an aftermarket Picatinny rail.

The Bergara HMR Pro made its debut at SHOT Show earlier this year, to great acclaim. Ever since, many have been waiting for the rifle to hit shelves.

“In my 19 years of working in the industry, I have never been questioned so frequently about the arrival date of a new product, and I absolutely love seeing that enthusiasm!” BPI Outdoors Nate Treadaway said. “I believe that the rifle fills a much needed niche for high-performance at a reasonable price point and the initial excitement certainly seems to substantiate this.”

Painted black with silver flecking for texture, the HMR Pro ships out with a five-round AICS magazine. Bergara is guaranteeing sub-MOA accuracy out of these guns. Whether you’re on the hunt for big game or competing in a long-range match, the HMR Pro might be an option worth considering. MSRP: $1,715.

Check out the features and a video below for a closer look on the HMR Pro. For more from Bergara, visit

Bergara HMR Pro Features

  • Weight: 9.2 lbs (.22-250 Rem), 9.4 lbs (.223 Rem, .308 Win), 9.6 lbs (6.5 CM), 9.7 lbs (6mm CM)
  • Overall Length: 39.5” (.223 Rem, .308 Win), 43.5” (6.5 CM, .22-250 Rem), 45.5” (6mm CM)
  • Barrel Length: 20” (.223 Rem, .308 Win), 24” (6.5 CM, .22-250 Rem), 26” (6mm CM)
  • Magazine: AICS style detachable
  • Mag Capacity: 5 round mag provided
  • Trigger: TriggerTech Frictionless Release Technology
  • Barrel Taper: No. 5
  • Muzzle: Threaded 5/8-24” with knurled thread protector
  • Stock: Bergara HMR Molded with mini-chassis
  • Scope Mount: Fits Remington 700 bases with 8 X 40 screws
  • Integrated QD flush cup sling mounts and swivel mounts
  • Rear butt-stock: Adjustable cheek piece and length-of-pull
  • Full-length Integrated mini-chassis for repeatable bedding and supports fully free-floated barrel

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