The Best of the West Long Range Muzzleloader delivers sub-MOA accuracy.

Precision shooting remains one of the fastest growing trends in all of shooting. And the hunting world proves no different. More frequently, hunters are taking at animals at greater distances, as both gear and shooter skillsets push the envelope. Obviously, great gear commands a premium price. But how about more than $6K for a muzzleloading rifle? Because that’s exactly what it will take to command a new Best of the West Signature Series Long Range Muzzleloader.

Best of the West Signature Long Range Muzzleloader

The Best of the West (BOTW) Signature Series Long Range Muzzleloader comes in both .45 and .50 caliber. The company claims the rifles shoot between .5 and 1 MOA. Even more impressive, they reportedly hold that accuracy all the way out to 550 yards. Now that’s a game changer for big-game hunters.

The BOTW muzzleloader features a side-discharge brake. The muzzle device directs the bulk of smoke away from the line of sight. It also significantly reduces recoil, according to BOTW. The dual side port brake and specifically-designed crown, along with an included funnel, help making pouring loose powder cleaner and efficient.

The muzzleloader also uses BOTW’s Express Priming System. The design stores three primed inserts within a magazine. So to prime for the next shot, hunters work a bolt-action to insert the next primer. Meanwhile, non-saboted bullets deliver a ballistic coefficient of .453. They maintain over 1,000 foot-pounds of energy at 800 for incredible downrange performance. The result brings better accuracy at longer distances compared to other muzzleloaders.

The BOTW Long Range Muzzleloader also accommodates Huskemaw long-range optics. Peep sights and a Huskemaw quick-detach system allow hunters to remove or add the optic as needed.

The Signature Series Long Range Muzzleloader retails for $6,099. For even more info, please visit

Best of the West Signature Series Features

  • BOTW muzzleloader in either .45 or .50 CAL
  • Huskemaw Optics long-range riflescope
  • Breech plug tool and breech plug anti-seize
  • Short starter
  • Possibles/field bag
  • 12 powder tubes (powder not included)
  • 20 bullets
  • 100 patches
  • 10 primer carriers
  • Unloading tool
  • TSA-approved hard case

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