The Bootlegger Thompson and 1911 showcase the Roaring '20's.

The Roaring ’20’s bring a lot of romanticized images. Among them, the Thompson submachine gun and Colt 1911 own remarkable places in history. The 1911 of course served in WWI and WWII, arming Americans at war around the globe. But when prohibition hit, gangsters employed both designs with fury. In the end, lawmen and GI’s alike put the Thompson and 1911 to good work. Now Auto-Ordnance pays homage to two of the most iconic American arms with the Bootlegger Thompson and 1911.

Auto-Ordnance Bootlegger Thompson & 1911

In the 1920’s, bootleggers famously brought havoc outrunning lawmen while selling booze to speakeasies and country bars alike. From Chicago to the backwoods, pop culture grabbed hold of the image of the Tommy Gun. The latest collaboration between Auto-Ordnance and Outlaw Ordnance produces the Bootlegger Thompson.

“Auto-Ordnance is devoted to preserving American history, and the Bootlegger series invokes images of the roaring ’20’s––a time people find fascinating! Owning one of these guns is truly owning a piece of American history,” said Jodi DePorter, Director of Marketing, Kahr Firearms Group.

The Bootlegger Thompson and 1911 comprises works of art, but maintain status as shooters. Each gun features engravings with depictions of 1920s autos, newspaper print, wanted posters and historical images from the time. The Thompson barrel includes a “Speakeasy” marking. Both the 1911 slide and Thompson receiver wear “Bootlegger Prohibition Edition,” and “150 Proof Tennessee Moonshine” markings.

The Bootlegger Thompson and 1911 showcase the Roaring '20's.

Scrollwork covers the American walnut wood furniture, along with sections of the steel. The distressed Bronze Cerakote finish comes with a clear coating overlay. Wood furniture also comes with a distressed, stained appearance.

Both guns come chambered in .45 ACP. The Thompson features a 16.5-inch barrel, 20-round stick magazine and 50-round drum magazine. The Bootlegger Thompson retails for $2,883. The 1911 comes with one seven-round magazine. The pistol retails for $1,496. For even more info, please visit

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