Desert Tech HTI

The Desert Tech Hard Target Interdiction (HTI) rifle provides extreme long-range accuracy and penetration on hard targets. It does so in one of the shortest, most-compact designs in its class.

Desert Tech designed the HTI for a specific military request to provide extreme long-range accuracy and penetration, according to Desert Tech. Now the HTI delivers versatility as well. The platform converts between multiple big-bore calibers. Also, the HTI is accurate beyond 2,000 yards in all of it chamberings, according to Desert Tech.

The HTI offers four powerful calibers to suit mission requirements: .50 BMG, .375 CT, .408 CT and .416 Barrett. The company also offers custom kits to enable customers to install their own aftermarket barrels in additional calibers. These features combine to deliver tremendous versatility in platform design. The company also guarantees return to zero when switching between barrels.

The HTI’s bullpup design measures some 11 inches shorter, and 11 pounds lighter, than the M107 in service today. Meanwhile, the free-floated barrel and fully adjustable match-grade trigger promote accuracy. The rifle features a fully transferable, limited lifetime warranty as well.

To get the most out of the platform, Desert Tech created its own line of ammunition to guarantee the most possible precision and consistency. The company delivers that consistency lot to lot, thereby providing the military sniper, law enforcement sniper and even long-range civilian shooter the best accuracy possible.

Desert Tech HTI Features

  • Caliber: .375 Chey Tac, .408 Chey Tac, .416 Barrett, .50 BMG
  • Maximum Range: 2,406-3,007 yards
  • Overall Weight: 19.5-20.35 pounds
  • Overall Length: 45-45.75 inches
  • Barrel Overall Length: 29 inches
  • Overall Magazine Capacity: 5 rounds

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