For the first time ever, Brownells is offering its popular throwback ARs available via its California Compliant Retro Rifles, bringing nostalgia out West.

Though California is tough on gun owners to be sure, Brownells just made an announcement to help ease the pain of living in one of the worst 2A states. Brownells California Compliant Retro Rifles bring the company’s popular throwback series of AR-15-style rifles to the left coast.

Brownells California Compliant Retro Rifles

Now cosmetically-correct copies of iconic, historic black guns are legal in California. And that’s sure to make some Californians head spin, so we love that. The California Compliant Retro Rifles can be pre-ordered now on the Brownells website. Rifles begin shipping in March, according to Brownells.

Each rifle contains a modification preventing the magazine from removing without disassembling the firearm. Additionally, California compliant rifles come chambered in either 5.56mm or 7.62×51. Each also ships with a 10-round magazine included.

“We’ve never had a Brownells-branded gun purpose built to comply with California laws before,” said Brownells Director of Product Management Paul Levy. “We have a lot of customers in California, and wanted to make some of our most-popular products available for them.”

Brownells California Legal Retro Rifles

  • 601 CA 5.56: MSRP, $1,599.99
  • BRN-605 CA 5.56: MSRP, $1,599.99
  • BRN-PROTO CA 5.56: MSRP, $1,829.99
  • BRN-10A CA 308: MSRP, $2,149.99
  • BRN-10B CA 308: MSRP, $1,899.99

For more information on the Brownells Retro Rifle series, visit

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