One of the most revered names in fighting and training just teamed up with a brand increasingly revered for affordable dependability. The new Century Arms Thunder Ranch AK comes with Clint Smith’s seal of approval, sure to turn heads in the shooting community.

“The reason I picked Century was because it’s an affordable rifle, and I want affordable equipment that functions for my clients,” Smith said.

And why not? The Century brand, along with Canik, US Palm and Red Army, is becoming more popular everyday. The group turns out affordable products that run. And the AK-based lines from Century continue to drive interest in those looking for something different than the ubiquitous AR-15.

Century Arms Thunder Ranch AK Details

We got a first look at the new rifle at the recent Athlon Outdoors Rendezvous. And the Thunder Ranch AK delivers on several fronts. First, it brings the legendary dependability of the AK design. Add in Clint Smith-approved features at an affordable price, and you’ve got a winner.

“So this gun comes with all the features you think are needed, well not necessarily you, but the master himself, Clint Smith says only things you need in order to keep yourself in the fight and also enjoy the gun,” said Adam Ruonala of Century Arms.

The Thunder Ranch AK includes an enhanced safety selector, side mount for a light, and even a US Palm grip in blood red, paying tribute to Smith’s beloved Marine Corps. A US Palm reinforced magazine, A2 brake and Thunder Ranch two-point sling round out the rifle’s features. The entire package retails for less than $1,200.

“It’s a viable platform that works,” Smith said of the AK. “You cannot learn new sh*t in the middle of a fight, you gotta know it now. You gotta get it in ahead of time.”

Clint Smith remains a legend in the firearms community. So too does the Spartan fighting machine, the AK-47. Combining Century’s rifle with Smith-inspired features will no doubt prove a winner. For more information, visit

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