The Citadel LEVTAC-92 comes in 357, 44 and 454 Casull.

Lever-gun fans have a new exciting model to turn to. Citadel just announced its new LEVTAC-92. The LEVTAC-92 provides a modern take on the lever-gun, with a modular forend and M-LOK attachment points.

Citadel LEVTAC-92 Details

Clearly, this isn’t your grandad’s lever-action rifle. Firstly, the lever-gun comes chambered in three pistol rounds that provide plenty of thump. Chamberings include .357 Mag., .44 Mag., and .454 Casull. Pair with a revolver for the ultimate tandem for hunting and defense while afield.

The LEVTAC-92 jumps out with its modern, modular forend. The forend uses an M-LOK design, making this lever-gun well-suited for multiple roles. The volume of attachment area provides AR-like abilities to bolt on accessories, giving users the ability to use a multitude of lights, optics, lasers and more. This makes the LEVTAC-92 a potentially formidable defensive package.

Topped with a Picatinny rail, the lever-gun accepts the user’s optic of choice. A peep rear and front blade sight combo mean you’ll never be without backup sights. With an 18-inch barrel and eight-round capacity, along with a large, oversized lever loop, the black synthetic LEVTAC-92 brings plenty to the fight.

Whether on the hunt or on the trail, or even in the truck, the new Citadel LEVTAC-92 seems to bring much to the lever-gun design. The rifle retails at $799. For more info, visit

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