Colt’s popular Expanse M4 carbine line just got a lot better for 2016! The company has announced the release of the new upgraded model CE2000 rifle.

“This was a natural move for us,” said Justin Baldini, Product Director for Colt. “We simply listened to what our customers and our Colt Stocking Dealers were telling us, and the story was simple. Folks want the added features of a real Colt dust cover and forward assist, and they want it to come that way from the factory.”

And Colt did just that. Building on what made the original Expanse M4 model CE1000 special – the same Colt forgings, bolt, and other parts used on the rest of the Colt M4 line – the new Colt Expanse M4 model CE2000 is upgraded to include a Colt dust cover and forward assist.

The Expanse M4 is a great point of entry for an enthusiast looking to build the modern sporting rifle of their dreams or a collector who wants an authentic Colt.

The CE2000 in 5.56 x 45 NATO (.223 Rem.) retails for $749.

For more information on the CE2000 and other products from Colt, please visit

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