Daniel Defense Delta 5 Pro first look

Last year, we brought you news of Daniel Defense’s surprise launch of its first bolt-action rifle, the Delta 5. We even took it out for a range test. Since then, the rifle garnered high praise from hunters and shooters alike. Now Daniel Defense comes back with an even high-end package, aimed at competitors and long-range aficionados. The new DELTA 5 Pro brings custom rifle upgrades in a high-end production package.

Daniel Defense DELTA 5 Pro Details

“With two years of work, we’ve basically turned the dial to 11 on everything for this rifle,” said Daniel McLeroy, Product Design Director, Daniel Defense. “This rifle is really meant to give you every advantage you can get from a custom rifle builder but at that production price standpoint.”

At $2,499.99, the DELTA 5 Pro comes in just under the $2,500 limit for production guns set by PRS. And that’s important, because going after the growing competition market is a primary driver for this platform. However, from the calibers offered to the components, the Pro serves big-game hunters, varminters and duty professionals equally well.

Initial offerings for the DELTA 5 Pro com in 6mm Creedmoor, 6.5 Creedmoor and .308 Win. It features AREA 419’s ARCA Rail, one of the first production guns to utilize this component.

Loaded with features, and just under the PRS production-class limit at $2,499.99, the new Daniel Defense DELTA 5 Pro is built to compete.

The build centers on DD’s cold hammer forged barrels. Each Pro comes with a .5 sub-MOA guarantee at 100 yards. So if you can hold it, the Pro can deliver.

An AREA 419 Hellfire Muzzle Brake helps tame recoil and limit muzzle rise. The action features mechanical bedding with an integral recoil lug. The three-lug bolt utilizes a floating bolt head and 60-degree throw. Meanwhile, the bolt knob removes for swapping out for preference.

The trigger system gets upgraded via a Timney Elite Hunter model. A two-position safety should prove familiar to most bolt-gun shooters. A 20 MOA Picatinny base, M-LOK attachments and quick-detach QD points make the platform versatile.

And adjustable buttstock and cheek riser enable shooters to dial the gun specifically to them. An AR-style grip allows further customization based on shooter preference. For more info, please visit danieldefense.com.

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