Desert Tech MDR

Desert Tech recently announced the latest update in the ongoing development of its newest firearm platform, the MDR. A proof-of-concept shown in 2014, Desert Tech officially launched the semi-automatic MDR in 2017, and the company says even more refinements highlight the platform now.

The Desert Tech MDR bullpup features fully ambidextrous controls. It further delivers caliber interchangeability, and even full battle-rifle power in a compact, low-profile package. Additionally, the MDR combines the strengths of both full power cartridges and compact platforms in one rifle, regardless of caliber.

The MDR measures a mere 26.2 inches long overall. Yet the MDR maintains enough barrel length to deliver all the muzzle energy of a full-length barrel on a traditional rifle. However, the MDR does it in a much more compact platform. The bullpup design also shifts the balance of weight closer to the shooter, producing a rifle that is quick-pointing and easy to maneuver, according to Desert Tech. Controls remain in locations that should be familiar to AR users, a welcome feature.

Desert Tech MDR Bullpup Refinements

Desert Tech received feedback on the MDR since its official launch two years ago. The company implemented several free upgrades for all MDR owners recently. In 2019, the MDR’s gas piston system and extractor underwent refinement to ensure maximum reliability across a wide variety of ammunition. These upgrades include a six-position adjustable gas valve and a wider extractor claw that make the platform even more reliable and user friendly, according to Desert Tech.

All upgrades come with every new MDR that ships from the factory. Desert Tech offers the MDR in .223 Wylde and .308 Win, with .300 BLK coming soon. All rifles ship with a 16-inch barrel and the same 26.2-inch overall length and overall weight of 8.3 pounds. Also, the .308 MDR runs on AR-10/SR-25-pattern magazines.

Finally, Desert Tech guarantees 0.5 MOA accuracy from its ammunition when fired from Desert Tech accuracy-guaranteed rifles and all proper shooting protocol is followed.

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