Didn’t get the rifle of your dreams under the tree this year? Well fear not, because we found the Barrett Model 82A1 everyone can afford. GoatGuns recently entered a license agreement with Barrett to produce a 1/3-scale collectible .50 cal Model 82A1.

GoatGuns Barrett Model 82A1

GoatGuns designed, manufactures and markets the Barrett-branded die-cast replica. Perfect for the home or office, the Goat Guns Barrett features a working bolt and 1/3 size .50 cal rounds in the detachable magazine. The iconic muzzle brake and carry handle deliver the authentic look of the famous Barrett M82A1. Meanwhile, the adjustable bipod rotates into position, providing the perfect setup on your desk or mantle.

The 1/3 scale Model 82A1 features several interchangeable parts, enabling users to modify to their liking. The rifle comes 13 inches overall. It includes an adjustable bipod, sliding bolt carrier and functional carry handle. The adjustable scope adds to the appeal. Meanwhile, a five-round detachable magazines holds dummy miniature .50 caliber rounds. The rifle comes in black, gold and digital camouflage.

From the overall look to the functioning parts, the GoatGuns Barrett provides the perfect gift for the rifle enthusiast. The GoatGuns Barrett Model 82A1 comes fully assembled. The die-cast model retails for $44.99. For more information, visit

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