It’s almost Halloween, so it’s only appropriate to talk about the one every gun owner secretly — or openly — wishes for: the zombie apocalypse.

That day when the undead walk the Earth and our arsenals get put through the ultimate torture test.

There are a lot of scenarios you have to work out before traversing the zombie apocalypse. Where would you go? Who are the survivors you’d want in your crew? And, most importantly, what weapons would you grab?

So we got together the Athlon Outdoors editorial staff and had them lay out their ideal zombie apocalypse setup. Each editor had the option for one rifle, one handgun and one melee weapon.

Here is what we opted for.

Greg Lickenbrock (Production Editor)

Lewis Machine & Tool CSW

I live in Atlanta—ground zero for “The Walking Dead”—so I’d need something to help me get to the countryside immediately without getting handcuffed to a rooftop pipe. I’d pick the CSW from Lewis Machine & Tool because it’s integrally suppressed and easy to maneuver with. I’m assuming I’d have a backpack full of 300 Blackout magazines at this point, but I’d honestly make sure I only had to shoot if necessary. My Jeep would do most of the work for me. And after I made it to greener pastures, I’d switch to a suppressed bolt action.

Sig Sauer P320 RX

I love my standard, full-sized P320, and I can easily make headshots out to 20 yards with it. The long sight radius and green tritium sights are a blessing. I’d probably opt for the RX version (currently on my wish list) in this scenario so I could simply put the ROMEO1’s red dot on a zombie’s head and pull the trigger. I want any advantage I can get.

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Baseball Bat

Yep, another nod to “The Walking Dead” here, but if anything comes in close enough, I’m going to want a baseball bat—or a cricket bat like “Shaun of the Dead”—to knock out some undead fillings. I played baseball for 12 years … I know what I’m doing. And no, I’m not putting any stupid barbed wire on the bat. I don’t want it getting stuck on anything.

Matt Hogan (Director of Digital Content)

Daniel Defense DDM4ISR

The first thing that comes to mind regarding zombie apocalypse shooting is staying quiet. I’m also self-admittedly the worst shot on the Athlon Outdoors team, so a little assistance in staying on target is appreciated. An integrally suppressed rifle like Daniel Defense’s DDM4ISR is a logical choice here. I got to shoot it at the recent Athlon Outdoors Rendezvous in Colorado and I was quietly and consistently (for my standards) hitting from 100 yards. The recoil—or lack thereof— on this thing is sick.

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Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0 Compact

Whatever pistol I choose is likely going to be a last resort. I want something small, concealable and accurate. Like the aforementioned DDM4ISR, I got my hands on the all-new Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0 Compact at the Athlon Outdoors Rendezvous. It only has a 4-inch barrel but it felt bigger. Compact pistols usually don’t fit well in my hands. This one did. Not to mention I was on target more than usual.

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5.11 Tactical Operator Axe

I was going to stop with just a rifle and handgun, but the other editors started taking melee weapons, so I will too. I grew up playing baseball—lifetime batting average of .351 according to a stat I made up for this article—so a bat would be the logical choice. However, I’ve been dying for an excuse to try 5.11 Tactical’s Operator Axe … plus Greg already has a bat. Take a look at the Operator Axe in the gallery above. The thing has 24 different tools including an axe blade, hammer point and pry bar. So not only is it effective for obliterating zombies with a swing, but it will likely come in handy when navigating the hardships of a zombie apocalypse.

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Linas Cernauskas (Editor-in-Chief)

Sig MCX Virtus

Configurable in more than 500 combinations, it will be able to handle most living and dead problems. Throw a suppressor on and load up with some sub-sonic ammo, and you have a nice, quiet “killing the dead” machine without attracting more dead … or living … or Greg Lickenbrock.

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Cold Steel War Hammer

Pffft! Handguns? If I have to reach for a handgun during the zombie apocalypse, then I know I really screwed the pooch. I wouldn’t want a handgun as a close-in melee weapon (limited accuracy and use). I would make sure I had a Cold Steel War Hammer for bashing in skulls or picking them apart. Infinite uses and won’t get stuck in a skull like an ax would. As bonus, it’s a great conversational piece.

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Nino Bosaz (Editorial Director)

If it’s merely a matter of taking out very slow, mushy-headed zombies, I’d opt for the following three:

Wilson Combat Ultralight Hunter .308

I’ve pounded more than a few wild hogs with a suppressed Wilson Combat rifle in 6.8 SPC, but in Z times, I’d prefer going with a more prolific caliber like the .308 Winchester. For times when you’ve got to help out a fellow apocalypse survivor at range, I’d love to get my mitts on a 7-pound Wilson Combat Ultralight Hunter. I’d add some trusty Leupold glass and beg the folks at Wilson’s custom shop to thread the rifle’s barrel so I could top it with an 11.3-ounce Gemtech Tracker suppressor.

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Smith & Wesson M&P15-22 Sport M-LOK Kryptek

Mushy heads don’t take much to punch through. Capacity and reliability are what counts when Z-Day finally hits. I love the 25-round capacity of this small-bore AR. The Kryptek finish is slick, too. And for the love of God, any idea how many spare rounds of .22 LR you can carry in a go bag? The M&P15-22 Sport, topped with a Trijicon MRO (Miniature Rifle Optic) can also pull double-duty on busting up little critters. Because a zombie hunter’s gotta eat, too!

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Montie Gear Y-Shot Slingshot

Ammo cache running low? No problem. I’d back up my guns with a Montie Gear Y-Shot Slingshot, packed with plenty of 3/8-inch steel balls that can soar at 150 feet per second. When those run out, I can scavenge up some old ball bearings and landscaping pebbles, too! My multi-projectile-slinging Y-Shot also sports an arrow rest, a sight and a pair of reusable “takedown” bolts, with screw-in practice and zombie-deadly hunting points.

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Andrew Berry (Digital Editor)

Wilson Combat AR9 Carbine

In a SHTF scenario where I’m squaring off against the undead, I want to be as silent and mobile as possible. With that in mind, I’m going with the Wilson Combat AR9 Carbine. Attach a suppressor and you’re ready to rock. The fact that it’s compatible with 9mm pistol ammo also makes this a no-brainer for me. Plus, it was fun as hell to shoot at the first-everAthlon Outdoors Rendezvous in Colorado.

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Canik TP9SF

I’m going to need a reliable workhorse if I hope to survive the zombie apocalypse, and in my opinion, the striker-fired, polymer-framed Canik TP9SF fits the bill. As soon as I first laid hands on it, it felt good. Something tells me it’ll feel even better when a zombie trying to eat my brains lunges at me. And while Matt may say he’s the worst shot on the Athlon Outdoors team, I give him a serious run for his money, so I’m going to need all the ammo I can get if I’m hoping to make consistent head shots on the living dead. 18+1 capacity? Yes, please.

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ION Productions XM42 Flamethrower

Yes, I know it’s not practical in this scenario. At all. But if it’s good enough for Kurt Russell in “The Thing,” it’s good enough for me, and if I want use a flamethrower to rain fire down on a zombie horde, by God, I’m going to do just that. ION Productions’ XM42 flamethrower FTW.

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