Cigars and rifles go together like bread and butter, so it’s only natural that Gurkha Cigars and Grey Ghost Precision would team up on a new limited edition rifle called—appropriately enough—the Gurkha Grey Ghost.

Details are pretty scant right now, but we do know that each Gurkha Grey Ghost will come with the Gurkha “Ghost” tribal logo and come in various Cerakote colors, including tactical black and tabaco bronze. According to the press release, the rifles will be available in the calibers below:

  • Grim in 6.5 Creedmoor
  • Heavy in .308 (7.62 x 51mm)
  • Light in .223 (5.56 x 45mm)
  • Dark in .300 Blackout

Only a thousand rifles will be made, and each one comes with individualized sequential alphanumeric numbering, 1-1000 (GGG-0000). Gurkha CEO Kaizad Hansotia has the first Gurkha Grey Ghost, numbered GGG-0001.

“Gurkha Cigars and Grey Ghost Precision have a symbiotic relationship,” Hansotia said in a statement. “Our companies share similar brand attributes and a common demographic, so it is only natural that we would partner to create the Gurkha Grey Ghost rifle.”

“Grey Ghost Precision decided to develop rifles due to a real-world need for elite military professionals to get the necessary system to complete their mission, as well as increase their team’s lethality and survivability,” the press release says. “They make every rifle to endure the most rugged of conditions that will be faced in the field. This does not mean that the rifle has to be ugly. The clean lines and attention to detail will be evident to the pickiest of collectors. The Gurkha graphics applied by the Master Cercoater make the package complete. This solid shooting platform looks great on the range, performs at a very high level, and will be the envy of those that see it.”

The Gurkha Grey Ghost rifles will be delivered eight weeks after purchase. For more information bout Gurkha Cigars, visit For more on Grey Ghost Precision, visit



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