The Hatsan Hydra QE Multi-Caliber PCP.

As the legend goes, when you chop the head off the hydra, two more would appear. Even cooler is the fact that this isn’t just legend. As a matter of fact, there really is a small freshwater creature called a Hydra with similar regenerative ability. Although the Hydra QE does not technically share the same traits as the hydra of legend, it gets pretty close. For example, the Hydra QE multi-caliber PCP (Pre-Charged Pneumatic) from Hatsan is not limited to one caliber. Chop one off, another takes its place.

The Hatsan Hydra QE Multi-Caliber PCP

Featuring the patented Versi-Cal Technology (VCT) interchangeable caliber system, Hatsan has unleashed the beast. With the ability to trade one caliber for another, with a single thumbscrew, you can move between calibers quickly. The knurled screw, located at the rear of the receiver, releases and reattaches the upper receiver/barrel module in seconds. Additionally, the configuration of the receiver/barrel module allows the unit to be swapped without removing the scope.

Utilizing Hatsan’s S/Roto-Index magazine system, the self-indexing rotary caliber-specific magazine delivers your rounds reliably. Furthermore, Hatsan’s QuietEngery shrouded barrel delivers your round downrange 50% quieter. The Hatsan Hydra QE multi-caliber PCP air rifle is available in .177, .22 and .25 caliber. However, for the slightly more adventurous, there is an arrow receiver/barrel module that accepts 20-inch arrows.

The Turkish walnut stock features a Monte Carlo style cheek rest and grip texturing. Also, included on the butt is a rubber butt pad with adjustable elevation and fit angle. Nestled in the stock is the Quattro trigger, 2-stage fully adjustable match trigger, for trigger travel and load. Additionally, a fixed 165cc air cylinder, fillable to 2900 PSI, delivers 35 shots downrange with force.

At 6.8 pounds, the Hydra isn’t a burden to transport into the field for a small game hunt. And if you just can’t decide which caliber you want, the Hydra makes it much cheaper to get them all.


The Hatsan Hydra QE Multi-Caliber PCP is available now, with an MSRP starting at $399.99. For more info, please visit

Hydra QE Specifications

.177 Caliber
Max Velocity: 1250 FPS
Max Energy: 29 Ft-lb
Overall Length: 42.7 inches
Barrel Length: 17.7 inches
Number of Shots: 28-35
Magazine Capacity: 14

.22 Caliber
Max Velocity: 1120 FPS
Max Energy: 38 Ft-lb
Overall Length: 42.7 inches
Barrel Length: 17.7 inches
Number of Shots: 24-30
Magazine Capacity: 12

.25 Caliber
Max Velocity: 900 FPS
Max Energy: 40 Ft-lb
Overall Length: 42.7 inches
Barrel Length: 17.7 inches
Number of Shots: 20-25
Magazine Capacity: 10

170 – 370gr arrow Max Velocity: Low Power
2200 – 370gr arrow Max Velocity: High Power
Max Energy: 25 FPE (low power), 45 FPE (high power)
Overall Length: 42.7 inches
Barrel Length: 19 inches

Air Cylinder Volume: 165cc
Fill Pressure: 200 BAR (2900 PSI)
Weight: 6.8 pounds
MSRP: Starting at $399.99

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