Henry released three rifles and a shotgun aimed at giving hunters choices.

Henry Repeating Arms just announced the release of four new firearms. The new models are aimed to fit the needs of hunters, from small to large game. Three rifles and one shotgun make up the new Henry hunting guns for 2021.

The New Henry Hunting Guns

“I can’t recall a more aggressive time of growth as far as the number of new releases and the frequency by which we release them is concerned,” Henry Repeating Arms President and Owner Anthony Imperato said. “We are very proud to present hunters with an ever-increasing number of American-made choices when they go to purchase a rifle or shotgun for an upcoming season, and we’re just getting started for this year.”

Lever Action Magnum Express .22 Magnum

Henry Hunting Guns, Henry Lever Action Magnum Express .22 Mag is built for use with optics for small game and varmint hunting.

The Lever Action Magnum Express .22 Magnum serves as a purpose-built small game and varmint rifle. It comes without iron sights, built to instead use magnified optics. It includes a Picatinny scope base for attachment. A Monte Carlo-style buttstock helps users achieve a solid cheek weld. Chambered in .22 Magnum, the rifle retails for $622.

Lever Action X Model

Henry Hunting Guns, The Henry Lever Action X Model .30-30 brings a legendary whitetail hunting caliber to Henry’s modern X Model lineup.

The Lever Action X Model returns, chambered in .30-30. It features full synthetic furniture with integrated sling swivel studs, Picatinhy and M-Lok accessory slots. A threaded barrel accepts muzzle devices or a suppressor. It comes with fiber-optic sights. Meanwhile, the blued receiver comes drilled and tapped for scope use. The Lever Action X Model in .30-30 retails for $1,019.

All-Weather Picatinny Rail .45-70 Side Gate

H010GAWP Main.jpg
The Henry All-Weather Picatinny Rail .45-70 Side Gate features an extended rail with an integrated peep sight and specially coated wood and metal surfaces for durability.

The All-Weather Picatinny Rail .45-70 Side Gate borrows from the legendary scout rifle concept. The rifle includes a forward-mounted Picatinny rail section made famous by Jeff Cooper. The rail includes a peep sight fully adjustable for windage and elevation. An all-weather finish comprises satin hard chrome plating to metal surfaces. Specially treated hardwood stocks boast temperature and moisture resilience. The rifle retails for $1,221.

Single Shot Turkey Camo Shotgun

The Henry Single Shot Turkey Camo Shotgun is fully covered in Mossy Oak Obsession camouflage and features fiber optic sights and a removable turkey choke.

Dedicated turkey hunters get a new 12-gauge offering in the Single Shot Turkey Camo Shotgun. It comes fully decked out in Mossy Oak Obsession camouflage. It includes a removable turkey choke and fiber-optic sights. Meanwhile, the shotgun comes drilled and tapped for scope mounting. Finally, a pistol grip and soft rubber recoil pad round out the package. The shotgun retails for $687. For even more info, please visit HenryUSA.com.

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