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Derrick H. of Minnesota with his customized "Guns of the Old West" .45-70 Lever Action Octagon Henry rifle

Remember back in June when we ran our sweepstakes for a Henry rifle — specifically, a customized “Guns of the Old West” .45-70 Lever Action Octagon Rifle? Well we’ve picked a winner.

Congrats to Derrick H., of Minnesota, who won the Henry rifle.

“Have to give you guys credit for being able to take such good pictures of the rifle. That brass is really bright!” Derrick says. “Thanks again to you and all involved, much appreciated.”

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Derrick went on to say that the rifle is “just awesome!” — we agree.

Upset you didn’t win? Well if you haven’t noticed, we’ve been running quite a few giveaways lately — including this pair of customized Springfield XD pistols. So don’t worry, there will be a lot more coming in the near future. Keep your eyes peeled and make sure you’re checking Tactical-Life.com everyday!

For more information on Henry, please visit HenryUSA.com.

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