Henry adds side loading gates to all centerfire steel framed rifle lines.

Henry Repeating Arms announced a large-scale change across its product lines last April when it added a long-waited feature to select rifles: A side loading gate. And it went over well with Henry fans. So now Henry has announced the addition of side loading gates to all legacy lines; that’s 29 different steel-framed centerfire lever-action rifles.

Henry Side Loading Gate Rifles

The new variants will still include the traditional Henry removable tube magazine. That design draws from the original 1860 model. The transition applies to all .30-30 and .47-70 rifles, along with .410 bores. Further, it includes revolver-caliber Big Boy rifles as well.

“Ever since our fans and customers got a taste of a side loading Henry, the requests started rolling in immediately to include this feature on their favorite finish or caliber. These new models are going to make a lot of people very happy, and we are always going to have options for fans of our legacy configuration as well,” states Anthony Imperato, president and owner of Henry Repeating Arms. Imperato continues, “The removable tube magazine is a core part of our product DNA, so that’s not going anywhere, and fans of the classic brass and octagon barrel configurations will always be able to get that from us.”

In addition to new Side Gate models, Henry introduces two new calibers for the H015 Single Shot Rifle. Henry now offers the rifle in .350 Legend and .450 Bushmaster. Meanwhile, the Henry Single Shot Slug Barrel comes out in 12 gauge. It features a fully rifled barrel for use with shotgun slugs. It comes with fiber-optic sights. For even more information, visit henryusa.com.

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