Henry Repeating Arms recently announced its newest rifle line, the Henry X Model series. The Henry X line includes five different models, including four rifle and a shotgun, all retailing for $970.

Henry X Model

When Henry first deputed the concept at the 2018 NRA Annual Meetings in Dallas, the response proved extremely positive. “The sheer volume of positive feedback we received about the concept guns we brought to Dallas was incredible, and this type of strong feedback is what tends to drive our product development plans,” said Anthony Imperato, President and owner of Henry Repeating Arms. “It’s exciting to kick off the year with such a highly requested line of firearms and finally make these guns a reality.”

The X Model series consists of the Big Boy platform, chambered in .44 Mag./Spl., .357 Mag./.38 Spl., and .45 Colt. It also features a lever-action .410 shotgun and another rifle chambered in .45-70 Government. All five models sport durable and lightweight synthetic furniture with a solid rubber recoil pad on the pistol-gripped buttstock. Picatinny and M-LOK accessory slots on the forestock provide attachment points, as do integrated sling swivel studs.

The matte blued steel receivers utilize a side-loading gate to keep the removable tube magazine loaded. They are all drilled and tapped to accept an optics mount. The rifles are all threaded at the muzzle end with a 5/8×24 thread pitch to accommodate a suppressor or other muzzle device. The shotgun’s smooth bore barrel comes threaded internally for a removable Invector-style choke. Meanwhile, contrasting fiber-optic sights adorn all of the X Models. The .410 shotgun variation uses only a front sight.

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