Marlin Model 336C Curly Maple

The Marlin Model 336C Curly Maple brings a fresh look and classic lines to the company’s most iconic line. Seemingly a universal fixture in deer camps everywhere for decades, this new Marlin Model 336C lives up to its name. The Curly Maple edition provides a new look for one of America’s most famous lever-action rifles.

Marlin Model 336C Curly Maple Features

The rifle starts with a 20-inch barrel with micro-groove rifling. Because its chambered in .30-30 Win., the barrel utilizes a 1:20 twist rate.

All 336C variants utilize the company’s famously strong receiver. Moreover, with thick steel sidewalls, relived with only cuts for the loading and ejection ports, the 336C is robust. Both the receiver and barrel feature a classic polished blue finish.

Adjustable, semi-buckhorn rear sights help hunters ensure their shot is true. A six-round tubular magazine provides plenty of firepower while afield. Also, the rifle’s overall length comes in a 40 1/2 inches, providing that between-the-hands balance Marlins fans have come to know.

Finally, the Curly Maple Stock, complete with Fleur-de-lis engraving, cementing the rifle’s classic look.

With millions manufactured and sold, the Marlin Model 336 is one of the most successful high-powered rifles in U.S. commercial history. Moreover, the 336, along with the .30-30 chambering, have been one of the most potent deer-hunting combinations in hunting camps across the country.

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Marlin Model 336C Curly Maple Specifications

  • Caliber: .30-30 Win.
  • Stock: Curly Maple with pistol grip
  • Rate of twist: 1:20
  • Barrel length: 20 inches
  • Finish: Polished blue
  • Magazine capacity: 6+1
  • MSRP: $899

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