Colorado-based manufacturer Phoenix Weaponry has unveiled its unique new .45-70 Auto rifle round and platform.

It’s unique in the sense that Phoenix Weaponry took the classic .45-70 Government round—first developed in 1873 at the Springfield Armory and designed for use with the Springfield Model 1893—and rebated the rim so that it can be adapted to a .308 bolt head and fired through a high pressure AR platform for sub MOA results.

The rifle features an 18-inch custom profiled Douglas barrel with a 1:14 twist and eight grooves. It also boasts a billet 7075-T7 aluminum upper and lower, in addition to a custom trigger and a Phoenix Weaponry’s custom “Chevron” muzzle brake CNC machined from 4130 chromoly. Weighing in at just over nine pounds and measuring 41 inches in overall length, the gun also sports a Magpul ACS Stock in FDE; Magpul MOE pistol grip in FDE; standard .308 BCG; CNC-built 15-inch free-floating modular handguard; billet dust cover; standard .308 charging handle; and a 10-round Magpul magazine modified to a 6-round capacity for the .45-70.

Phoenix Weaponry says in the accompanying press release that the case, once rebated, can be reloaded using existing load information for the .45-70, based on Ruger No.1 loads, and the reloader can use standard .45-70 die sets with the exception of using a .308 shell holder. Meanwhile, the company also says it’ll be selling factory brass “shortly,” with each rifle initially being supplied with 50 pieces of brass to help you get started.

The Phoenix Weaponry .45-70 rifle platform is available now. The base price is $4,800, with a number of custom options available.

For more information, visit, and watch the video below.

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