The Phoenix Weaponry receiver sets offer a way to build a rifle during this time when they're hard to find.

As the incredibly unpredictable year of 2020 keeps rolling along, so too continues the meteoric rise in gun sales. New customers pour into gun stores like never before. And now it’s almost impossible to get an AR-15 rifle in some locales. To meet that growing demand, Phoenix Weaponry recently ramped up production on AR receiver sets.

Phoenix Weaponry Receiver Sets

The billet receiver sets start out as 7075 T-7 aluminum blocks. Phoenix Weaponry CNC machines each set to exacting tolerances. It then hand-checks each set for fit and alignment.

“We machine the upper and lower receivers concurrently from the same batches of raw billet so that we can maintain the tolerance spec at all times,” said Aaron Cayce, Owner, Phoenix Weaponry. “One of the secrets to having a hyper-accurate AR is making sure that the barrel, barrel extension, upper receiver, and buffer tube are concentric. When you operate the charging handle on a Phoenix Weaponry AR platform firearm the Bolt Carrier Group stays straight increasing accuracy, reliability, and reduces wear.”

Phoenix Weaponry pays close attention to the mag well and trigger guard area, improving strength. Meanwhile, the Picatinny rail on the .308 upper features a built-in 20 MOA decreases towards the front. This helps shooters effectively engage targets greater than 600 yards out. Meanwhile, the billet AR-15 upper utilizes a standard, straight Picatinny rail.

Both receiver sets come with a Duracoat finish and matching billet dust cover. Customers can choose their color of choice for an additional charge.

Phoenix Weaponry Billet Receiver Sets

  • AR .308 MSRP: $770
  • AR15 MSRP: $540 

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