POF Revolution DI .308

POF-USA made headlines a year ago when it launched the award-winning, piston-driven Revolution series of rifles. Scaling down a .308 platform into a true .223-sized package, the aptly-named Revolution broke new ground. Now POF is at it again with the direct impingement Revolution DI in .308 Win. and 6.5 Creedmoor.

The result is a sub-seven pound, .30-caliber carbine on an actual AR-15-sized frame. With only seven parts differentiating the Revolution DI from a .223 AR-15, eight if you include the magazine, this carbine, like the piston-version before it, changes preconceived notions of a .30-caliber platform.

Racing the Revolution DI

“The Revolution DI is ridiculously easy to shoot” said 3-Gun champion Keith Garcia. “I have shot a lot of different rifles over the years, and the one thing that separates the great rifles from the rest of the herd is shootability. If a gun recoils hard or has a bad trigger, you have to work harder to shoot it well. The Revolution DI was easy to shoot. It tracked well, stayed on target, and did not push me around. The most impressive thing to me was shooting a .223 next to the .308 and not having to slow down or ‘try’ harder to get the same results on a Bill Drill. In competition it gives us a Heavy Division rifle that can run with a minor caliber!”

A winner of multiple titles, including a 3-Gun Nation Championship, Garcia knows a thing or two about competition. But by day Garcia is also a veteran law enforcement and SWAT officer in California. To him, the Revolution DI’s applications as a duty carbine are clear.

Tactical Applications

“Military & LEO are currently ‘overmatched’ by our adversaries,” Garcia explained. “The Revolution DI changes this. All that is needed is the skillset of our Military & LEO to crush all adversaries. This weapon system could be ‘The One’ for all urban needs, CQB & distance. Having an AR-15/M16 weapon system that shoots the hard-hitting battle rifle cartridge is a game changer. POF advertises as the ‘Ultimate Fighting Machine,’ and one would have to admit they just may have done this with what was engineered. The best of both uses of the carbine & battle rifle. So maybe they created a new platform, the ‘Battle Carbine.’

The team at POF has received tremendous praise for the piston-driven Revolution. Remarkably, the company has shocked .308 fans yet again, providing the most original take on shrinking down the AR-10 to date. Quite simply, they didn’t. Instead, POF created an entirely different animal.

“They drive the market with creativity and innovation, where most follow the market and copy the leaders; POF-USA paves their path in new directions,” Garcia said. “Who knows what path they will think of and take us down next? America First is the POF way!”

The POF-USA Revolution DI, in both .308 Win. and 6.5 Creedmoor, is shipping now. For more information, visit pof-usa.com.

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