The PROOF Research Tundra attempts to blend the best of tactical and backcountry rifles.

PROOF Research owns an enviable reputation for pushing the envelope in rifle development. You can always count on their products performing when they hit the market. The latest announcement takes on a bold mission: combining the greatest attributes of tactical and high-country hunting rifles. But if any rifle can do it, the PROOF Research Tundra should be a good bet.

PROOF Research Tundra Rifle Details

The Tundra comprises a lightweight hunting platform built to go long. It builds on the company’s Terminus rifle. The Tundra starts with an overall weight of just 7 pounds, 3 ounces. It features a carbon fiber stock and a Sendero contour carbon fiber barrel. PROOF claims a remarkable 1/2-MOA accuracy with the Sendero.

“The design of a Monte Carlo stock is timeless and a long running staple for hunting rifles. We took this timeless design to the next level by adding adjustability,” said Kelly Streiff, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, PROOF Research. “At 7l pounds, the Tundra is an already incredible hunting platform, before the addition of any optics or muzzle devices. The last thing a hunter needs to worry about is the weight of their rifle system. There are many lightweight rifles out there, but many come sacrificing accuracy for weight. The Tundra embodies everything that we stand for, which is to develop a lightweight rifle that maintains and delivers extreme long-range accuracy.”

The carbon fiber stock and adjustable Monte Carlo-style adjustable cheek piece deliver a custom fit. A BDL-style magazine ensure cartridge seating for a smooth feed. Meanwhile, the TriggerTech trigger delivers a crisp break and short reset. The rifle includes a Defiance Ruckus bolt-action for tighter tolerances. The company guarantees headspace of +/-.001-inch, making it extremely conducive to accuracy. Finally, the Sendero barrel comes threaded 5/8-24 for aftermarket muzzle devices.

The Tundra comes in multiple finish colors. Finishes include Black Granite, Green Granite, Brown Granite, Tactical Flat Dark Earth, Black Jungle Camo, Blue Jungle Camo, Green Jungle Camo, Desert Warrior, Grassland Green, Grassland Tan, and Cotton Candy. The rifle starts with a MSRP of $6,999. For even more info, please visit

PROOF Tundra Chamberings

  • 6CM
  • 6.5 CM
  • 6.5 PRC
  • 7 Rem Mag
  • 28 Nosler
  • .300 WM
  • .300 WSM
  • .308 Win
  • .300 PRC
  • .300 RUM
  • .338 Lapua

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