Remington Defense enjoys a long history of providing the U.S. military with a wide range of arms. During the recent Athlon Outdoors Rendezvous, we got the chance to send some rounds downrange with the updated Remington R10 rifle. The session left little doubt as to how well Remington’s military-grade rifle performs.

Remington Defense R10

“Remington Defense, obviously, has been synonymous with our DoD for a long time,” said Eric Suarez, Remington. “We do the M24 sniper rifle, the M2010s, the M24s, and then down to the some of the 5.56 versions and .308s.

Remington showed us the updated R10, a platform already in service with both the U.S. DEA and FBI. A blend of 5.56 and .308 platforms, the R10 capitalizes on the plethora of accessories available to the standard AR.

“So we had our CSASS variant a few years ago, and this is the next generation of battle rifle,” Suarez said. “The R10 is based off of the DPMS Gen II platform, which means that everything on the back end is the same size as the M4, the same grip as an AR, M4 platform, same safety. So you have a lot more compatibility within parts.”

The barrel, bolt, magazine and mag well come larger to serve the bigger calibers offered within the platform. Remington says R10 rifles can be had in both .308 and 6.5 Creedmoor, which has become a popular choice among long-range and tactical/sniper shooters.

“Where it kind of changes is forward of the trigger, where now you have the bigger mag well for either your .308 or 6.5 Creedmoor magazine,” Suarez said. “Obviously, everything on the upper side, the upper receiver, needs to grow as well in order to grow for that caliber.”

A 15-inch forend with M-LOK attachment points updates the platform. That forend also includes QD sling points built into side of the handguard. A hammer-forged, sniper-grade barrel features 5R rifling, while the rifle utilizes familiar, fully-ambidextrous controls. For more information, visit

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