For those unfamiliar, the Sig Sauer Jungle Run is an action shooting course of sorts.

The course was configured to use the MCX Virtus rifle in three different configurations, along with the MCX Rattler at the end. For the above video, targets on the course extended to 220 yards. Featured in the video is our friend Joseph Kurtenbach of American Rifleman.

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For those interested in speed, they run it to get their hear rate up. How did I fare on the course? While I did more jogging than running, I had two misses the entire course. I mostly fired from kneeling or unconventional positions.

Most shooting areas on the Sig Sauer Jungle Run course are obscured by trees and debris to add to the degree of difficulty.

At the end you shoot the MCX Rattler on steel at 25 yards or so from a couple of positions. It’s essentially a final demonstration of the systems versatility and accuracy in different configurations.

Watch the video above to see what the course is all about. For more information on the MCX series, please visit

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