Stockade Mounting Systems

Stockade’s brand motto “Always be ready,” builds on the old adage—when seconds count, police are minutes away. As such, Stockade mounting systems add another dimension to firearm storage methods. With a variety of options, you can either store your firearm discreetly or display it, without sacrificing accessibility.

Stockade Mounting Systems

Due to Stockade’s patented fixturing method, utilizing adjustable contact points, their mounting systems are compatible with a variety of firearms. The adjustable contact points capture the firearm by the buttstock and hold it safely and securely, in a safe direction. With the firearm pointed downward you can be sure that it will not collect moisture or airborne particulates while stored. Because they do not utilize any kind of locking mechanism they ensure that you can get your gun into the fight quickly.

“No locks, keypads or cables, that’s not what we’re about. In a high stress situation where you need a gun now…man, sometimes I can’t remember where I put my keys a day ago.” Says one of the four inventors. “We’ll never lock up our guns and you probably shouldn’t either.”

Although the Stockade Mounting Systems do not feature any locking mechanism, they are compatible with trigger and cable locks. This allows you to secure your firearm when needed or keep it at the ready if so desired.

Stockade Mounting Systems are currently available in a variety of configurations, with an MSRP dependent on model. For more info, please visit

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