The TC86 Takedown comes chambered in .45-70.

Some hunters continue to enjoy taking classically-styled firearms afield. Now old school fans receive a cool, new option for the hunt. The Taylor’s & Company TC86 Takedown brings a classic platform into a modern, innovative package. Chambered in the hard-hitting .45-70, the TC86 comes up to most any North American challenge.

Taylor’s & Company TC86 Takedown Rifle

Part of the company’s Lifestyle Series, the new rifle comes fit for an expedition. It features a color-case receiver and checkered pistol grip walnut stock. A rubber buttplate helps absorb the recoil from .45-70 cartridges. A wide lever enables easy manipulation in most any weather. On top, a Weaver rail sight with a Skinner peep sight helps hunters get on target.

“Taylor’s & Company brings to the gun enthusiast classic firearms that made cowboys, lawmen and outlaws famous, but with a modern twist,” said Rob Girard, VP of Sales & Marketing. “All Taylor’s premium firearms are made using the latest in precision machinery and high-quality materials with one goal in mind; to create reliable and accurate reproductions of Civil War, Old West, hunting and tactical guns from the 19th century. The TC86 Takedown is a perfect example of this.”

The Taylor’s & Company TC86 retails for $1,839.86. For even more info, please visit

The Taylor's & Company TC86 in .45-70 comes ready for most any North American hunting.

TC86 Takedown Specs

  • Overall Length: 16.6 inches
  • Caliber: .45-70
  • MSRP: $1,839.86

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