With such a wide spectrum of guns available, it’s sometimes difficult to actually classify one as being truly iconic. But I find one special category truly intriguing: the integrally suppressed submachine gun.

The king of that class is the Heckler & Koch MP5SD. For decades, this gun was the cornerstone of counterterrorism units across the world. Easily recognized by even the most rookie of gun aficionados, the MP5SD is seen as the gold standard for pistol-caliber, full-auto-capable weapons.

But a new gun is ready to take its place. Desert Design & Development, also known as D3, has introduced what it believes to be a superior integrally suppressed submachine gun. Say hello to the D3-9SD.

Dubbed the “ultimate urban carbine,” the D3-9SD is a short-barreled AR that’s chambered for the 9mm. The engineers at D3 have created a suppressor unit that shrouds and integrates with the barrel which creates an especially quiet weapon. The major upside of it being an AR-platform weapon is the ease with which people can use the D3-9SD. Almost every shooter knows how to run an AR.

An additional bonus feature of is the fact that it runs on standard Glock-style magazines. This is a move that shows some truly forward thinking on the part of the designers. Glock handguns are by far the most popular pistols carried by law enforcement across the country. This carbine is designed to complement their existing Glock handguns and give them the tactical advantage of carrying only one-caliber magazines and sharing them among both pistols and carbines.

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