Twice each year, a group known as MG Shooters LLC hosts a huge recreational machine gun shoot at the Big Sandy range. MG Shooters has been hosting shoots for more than 30 years, and it eventually grew to what it is today. The Big Sandy Shoot is the largest privately owned, civilian based, machine-gun shoot in the world.

Located in Northwest Arizona, Big Sandy is in a class all its own. Designated as an impact area by the government, there is very little that cannot be shot or blown-up at this scenic location.

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For the Big Sandy Shoot, the line is a collection of sun canopies and automatic weapons a quarter-mile long. Of all the guns we saw, here our are videos of our favorites, including:

  • Twin — yes, two firing at once — M2 Browning 50 BMG Machine Guns (video above)
  • A Belt-Fed M249 SAW (video below)
  • An MG34 Machine Gun (video below)
  • M1917 and M1919 Browning Machine Guns (video below)
  • An AT4 Rocket Launcher (video below)


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