Volquartsen TG9

Volquartsen Firearms recently announced its newest aftermarket accessory, the TG9 Trigger Group for the Ruger PC Carbine. Moreover, the unit delivers a 2.25-trigger pull to Ruger’s newest carbine variant.

“The TG9 idea really came from the ongoing requests of our customers,” said Volquartsen President Scott Volquartsen. “For over a year now, we were receiving requests from customers asking about a trigger group for the Ruger PC9, or if there was a way they could modify our TG2000 to work in that platform.”

The TG2000 is Volquartsen’s popular drop-in trigger group system for the Ruger 10/22 platform. Further, Volquartsen earned high praise over the years for the comapny’s work with the 10/22. As such, Volquartsen produces high-end components for the system, including trigger systems, barrels and receiver groups. Above all, the company takes the 10/22 to new heights and is a staple in rimfire competition circles.

Earlier this month, Tactical-Life chronicled the home run that is the Ruger PC Carbine, the company’s latest take on the ever-growing pistol-caliber carbine movement. The Ruger PC Carbine utilizes a takedown design to deliver tremendous versatility. Further, the carbine features the ability to use either Ruger or Glock magazines, a brilliant move by Ruger. Finally, since the gun’s trigger system enjoys commonality with the 10/22, it only makes sense Volquartsen should get onboard with the PC Carbine.

Volquartsen expects the TG9 to ship beginning in mid-April. However, customers can preorder their unit now on the company website.

For more information, visit volquartsen.com.

Volquartsen TG9 Features

  • Materials: CNC-machined trigger guard
  • Manufacturing: Wire-EDM cut internal parts
  • Overall Trigger Pull Weight: 2.25 pounds
  • Adjustments: Pre-travel and overtravel
  • Overall Weight: Approximately 6 ounces
  • MSRP: $273

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