Weatherby just announced its latest addition to its hunting lines, following on the success of the Mark V Backcountry and Backcountry Ti. The new Weatherby Backcountry 2.0 comes ready to carry in tough country. Designed lightweight, for hunters venturing into the wild, it chambers several in-demand, hard-hitting cartridges for big game.

Weatherby Backcountry 2.0 Rifles

The Backcountry 2.0 comprises a collection of component upgrades to create the overall platform. Each comes equipped with a new carbon-fiber stock, extremely light in weight. The Backcountry 2.0 Carbon adds a BSF tensioned carbon-fiber barrel. It even upgrades the calibers, taking on cartridges up to the .30-378 Weatherby Magnum, dubbed the fastest and flattest production .308, according to Weatherby.

The Backcountry 2.0 Ti, weighing a mere 4.7 pounds, brings an ultra-lightweight rifle. It comes with a Blacktooth carbon-fiber stock, featuring the Rock Solid Carbon Link bedding system. The system engages the recoil lug, even distributing recoil throughout the stock. The stiffer design also eliminates the need for a traditional aluminum bedding block, saving weight.

Weather Backcountry 2.0 Weights

  • 2.0 – 5.3 lbs (308 Win) to 6.2 lbs (257 WBY MAG)
  • Ti 2.0 – 4.7 lbs (308 Win) to 5.6 lbs (257 WBY MAG)
  • 2.0 Carbon – 5.8 lbs (6.5 CM) to 6.6 lbs (257 WBY MAG)
  • 2.0 Ti Carbon – 5.3 lbs (6.5 CM) to 6.6 lbs (257 WBY MAG)

With such lightweight rifles, recoil mitigation becomes paramount. The Backcountry 2.0 achieves this via the new 3DHEX recoil pad. Using 3D printing at the production level, it utilizes a three dimensional honeycomb patter of collapsible voids. The design draw out the time component of recoil. So it turns the sharp kick into a longer push, drastically reducing perceived recoil, even from some the fastest new long-range cartridges on the market.

The 3DHEX pairs with the highly-effective Accubrake ST. It brings a contour matching the barrel. More importantly, it features 30 symmetrically-spaced ports. Weatherby’s signature muzzle brake redirects gas to eliminate a significant amount of recoil. The package tames firing magnum rounds through an incredibly lightweight mountain gun.

Prices begin a $2,499, up to $3,749, depending on the package. For even more info, please visit

Weatherby Backcountry 2.0 Models

  • 2.0 – MSRP $2499
  • Ti 2.0 – MSRP $3349
  • 2.0 Carbon – MSRP $2,999
  • 2.0 Ti Carbon – MSRP $3749

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