sig.gifHaving served in law enforcement for three decades and seeing more than my share of society’s dark side, it should come as no surprise that I focus on developing handgun skills for personal defense. If you take a moment to think about this, the handgun is both the right and wrong weapon for this purpose. It is the wrong weapon because it is so hard to accurately shoot, especially during the stress caused by personal conflict, as well as the fact that handguns, regardless of power, are not the best fight stoppers. The human body is very tough and while it is easy to kill, it is very difficult to stop quickly. Thus, the handgun is a poor choice for personal defense. At the same time, it is the best choice for personal defense as it is the weapon we are most likely to have with us all the time. It can be easily concealed and drawn from a holster and, let’s face it, society will never allow folks to walk the streets with long guns in our hands outside a hunting area. So the handgun is both the best and the worst. Kind of makes your head spin, doesn’t it?

sig2.gifSome authorities will tell you that no gun intended for personal defense should be modified from factory specifications. While this thought is a sound concept, I believe it is overly broad, as there are a number of modifications that do not affect the gun’s ability to perform and can actually be argued to improve the gun’s performance. It’s a matter of being able to articulate why a modification was made and show it to be reasonable. For example, placing a rust-resistant finish on a gun can be easily explained; you didn’t want the gun to rust any more than you would want your car to rust. In the end, if you carry a customized gun for defense, be prepared to explain why the gun was modified. This being said, I like customized handguns and the only reason I have one modified is that it would help me in some way. I don’t make changes just for the sake of change and I realize that modifications can be a very personal matter.

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Having served in law enforcement for three decades and seeing more than my share…