The Darks Ops Pro is the latest 1911-style pistol to come out of Roberts Defense. In the upcoming May 2014 issue of GUNS & WEAPONS FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT, author David Bahde writes, “As the 1911 platform continues to grow in popularity among police officers, quality pistols without huge price tags are starting to surface. While unit- and department-wide adoptions remain somewhat rare, many agencies allow officers to purchase their own pistols. Duty-ready pistols are not as prolific as you may think, however, and any old 1911 is just not suitable. This platform requires some thought for anyone carrying it for self-defense or professional use. Even with the increase in quality across the board, not every 1911 pistol can or should be taken by an LEO into harm’s way. You just cannot take the cheapest 1911 you can find, throw it in your duty holster and go to work.” But what Roberts Defense has a new 1911 that is ready for duty—the Dark Ops Pro in .45 ACP.

Bahde test-fires it and delivers his results. “I was able to test the Dark Ops Pro, an all-black Operator model with a 5-inch barrel. Upon removing the pistol from its case, the first thing I noticed was its well-done finish—smooth and even, with no visible blemishes. The Dark Ops Pro has a mild “melt” treatment—well suited to a duty pistol—and most of the sharp edges have been removed. The frontstrap features nicely done 30-lpi checkering. The VZ G10 grip panels fit well, and the left side is equipped with a large “scoop,” allowing for easy operation of the checkered magazine release. The safety was crisp, although a bit light for my taste, but that is a personal preference. The grip safety had the proper tension and was fit well. A magazine well was also attached, accommodating faster reloads. The trigger was crisp, breaking cleanly at about 4.5 pounds with the appropriate take-up and no overtravel.”

So how did it perform? To learn more, check out the May 2014 issue of GUNS & WEAPONS FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT, available on newsstands and digitally March 4, 2014. To subscribe, go to

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