Rock Island Armory .22 TCM Bolt Action SHOT Show 2015
New For 2015: Rock Island Armory's .22 TCM Bolt Action

The .22 TCM (Tuason Craig Micromagnum) is a proprietary cartridge developed by Fred Craig and Rock Island Armory. Based on the .223 Remington case, it was shortened so that the shoulder is at approximately the same length as the case mouth of a 9x19mm cartridge. The maximum overall loaded length is the same as a .45 ACP. In essence, it’s a bottlenecked cartridge that can achieve very high velocities. Rock Island Armory first debuted the cartridge with a 1911-style pistol, and now, for 2015, the company has introduced a bolt-action rifle built specifically for this chambering.

The .22 TCM Bolt Action Rifle is the first of a new line of centerfire rifles for Rock Island Armory. It’s intended for mid-range use (out to about 200 to 300 yards) with a mounted scope, and it’s perfect for varmint hunting. As mentioned, this wood-stocked beauty is exclusively chambered in Rock Island’s signature caliber, the .22 TCM, which happens to scream at over 2,800 fps. The five-round magazine can also be interchanged with the 17-round .22 TCM pistol magazine, turning this into a high-capacity rifle.

The .22 TCM Bolt Action Rifle weighs approximately 6 pounds unloaded. The wooden stock features checkering on the grip and forend, and the forend features an attractive black toe cap that matches the barrel, action and bottom metal nicely.

For more information, visit or call 775-537-1444.

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