Firearms are not immune to the effects of the American consumer’s attention span (or lack thereof)—what was popular last month is old news this month. By the time you get just what you want in a gun or part, it has been discontinued or “improved.” This has, on the one hand, driven innovation on a scale that had been seldom seen in the firearms industry. I’ve been around long enough to remember when choices were few and can say that these developments have been fantastic for the professional operator. However, there is a corresponding dark side. As time, attention and the media machine focus on the latest trend, the tried and true are often abandoned. Two examples are the 6.8 SPC cartridge and rifle.

Steadfast 6.8 SPC

Some recent cartridges like the 300 Blackout (which is certainly proving to be fantastic) have been gaining popularity in the tactical market. For typical urban environments where 200 yards is long range, the 300 BLK is great, but it is no 6.8 SPC. The 6.8 SPC offers tremendous versatility. Loaded with bullets from a 75-grain AP at 3,100 feet per second (fps) to a 115-grain OTM at 2,600 fps, this round can meet just about any mission requirement. Silver State Armory (SSA) offers almost 20 different loads and even makes a 140-grain VLD Berger for those who want long-range accuracy. Given this versatility, the 6.8 SPC remains a viable cartridge at 500 yards with proven stopping power at entry distances. It is still in use by our most elite forces and has been employed with great effect for several years…

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Firearms are not immune to the effects of the American consumer’s attention span (or…