If Rock River Arms (RRA) is not a familiar name, it should be. This 20-year-old company has grown by leaps and bounds thanks to its commitment to quality and innovation. This is especially true for those looking for ARs in the more exotic calibers. Deviating from the original AR chambering—the 5.56mm NATO—can create a series of malfunctions, but RRA has tamed that beast, so to speak, and repeatedly produces rifles that deliver consistent performance shot after shot.

Despite manufacturing custom-grade ARs with tight tolerances and excellent accuracy, the company keeps customers in focus with reasonable pricing across the line. This effort has earned RRA admirers among federal and local law enforcement agencies, including the DEA and FBI, and several contracts. In addition to complete rifles, the company also sells a full line of parts and accessories including full upper and lower receiver kits in various calibers, barrel assemblies, handguards and furniture.

For more information about Rock River Arms and their full range of products, please visit or call 866-980-7625.

This article was originally published in ‘Black Guns’ 2017. For information on how to subscribe, visit

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